Welcome to North Fork Country Club!

A Private Golf & Country Club in the Heart of North Fork.

Surrounded by both water and green space, this is where inspiration happens, where peace and relaxation, tranquility and togetherness are the backdrop of an inviting private retreat. 

This refreshing private sanctuary is also surprisingly close to everything. We’re known as the “second home for second homes,” providing escape from city life as part of a small town-charming community, where neighborliness is simply par for the course. 

The Club

A place where a spirit of togetherness is cultivated among members and shared ideals are nurtured.
Members here are like family. Here, lifelong memories are made, traditions are honored, fun is had and stories are written.


The Course

A breathtaking waterfront setting that boasts a beautiful Donald Ross-design isn’t easy to keep a secret. Yet this is a hidden gem that relatively few will discover, enjoyed by generations who share a passion for the greatest game, played alongside the greatest friends—and a desire to enjoy a fun, relaxing atmosphere that feels just far enough away from it all. Nature is joined by tradition here, in a golf course brought to life more than 100 years ago by a legendary designer. His creation provides a game that pleasantly antagonizes and generously rewards in a way characterized by only the true classics.



Membership is a legacy of sorts, where people are drawn together by a collective appreciation for exceptional quality and the ease of pursuing their passions.

The value of The NFCC Membership is beyond the inspired setting.It is measured by the priceless moments of family and friendship and the new and enduring traditions that are created.

We invite you to become part of The NFCC story.

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