Clubhouse Dress Code  

Members and their guests are expected to be properly attired at all times. Members are encouraged to consider common sense, respect for tradition, modesty, and the comfort of fellow members and their guests when making casual-attire decisions. We prefer our members dress-up rather than dress-down when visiting the Club. While we expect that members will use good taste and judgment, the Board has directed Club Management to discreetly review any inappropriate casual attire decisions directly with the member to ensure that the Club maintains a casual environment that is enjoyable for everyone.

The following items are never allowed in any club dining area:
1.             T-shirts, T-shirts with slogans/pictures.
2.             Sweat suits.
3.             Short-shorts, cut-off shorts, running shorts.
4.             Tank or halter tops.
5.             Clothing that shows bare midriff. 
6.             Ripped jeans/pants or any other clothing cannot be cut off, overly worn or overly baggy.
7.             Work clothes, dungarees.
8.             Cargo pants or cargo shorts that have pockets on the sides.
9.             Yoga pants or workout/gym attire.  

Management and the Board of Governors may modify the dress standards for the Club for specific events which will be formally announced in advance. Men’s shirts must have collars (no sweatshirts or sweaters without collared shirts underneath) and be kept tucked in at all times; turtle necks are acceptable. Shirts and appropriate footwear are required at all times and men’s and women’s shorts must be appropriate Country Club length.   Jackets must be worn in the Garden Room and Main Dining Room only on Saturday evenings for men.

Casual attire is accepted in the Grill Room, Bar, Dining Room and on the Porch, not permitted in the Garden Room. Neat Denim is permitted Monday through Sunday, during lunch and dinner service (not allowed in the Garden Room).

Denim is not allowed in any other areas of the Club. Neat denim is defined as properly sized, in excellent condition, and consistent in color. Country Club appropriate denim does not include holes or rips, frayed material, denim shorts, work type denim shirts, bibs, painter pants, or jeans that are worn extremely low cut. At no time will denim be allowed on the golf course or tennis courts. Members and guests are prohibited from wearing golf shoes with any spikes in the clubhouse.    

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